Press Release: Miami-Dade Leaders Committed to Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

(MIAMI, February 1, 2017) - Last week the Board of Miami-Dade County Commissioners and Mayor Carlos Gimenez reassured Miami-Dade residents that they are committed to protecting taxpayer dollars. During the Miami-Dade Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) meeting held on January 25th. The commissioners were vocal about making sure that the developers behind the American Dream Miami mega mall, Triple Five, would not receive any public funding to finance the project. Below are some of the comments made at the meeting.

"I will not entertain any kind of county tax moneys going into this. I want to make sure that the record reflects, I am not in favor of hard-earned county tax dollars to be used for this private project." District 12 Commissioner, Jose "Pepe" Diaz, who is the commissioner for the district in which the project would be located.

"To the issue of no public money, I support that..." District 4 Commissioner, Sally Heyman.

"On the issue of committing to having no funds from the county, I do warn you, if we start committing future real estate taxes for present capital's very, very risky for future generations, so I'm initially not inclined to support that. Like Commissioner Diaz stated, I'm hoping that this is going to be a project that is privately financed." District 7 Commissioner, Xavier Suarez.

"On the question of subsidy, we've heard that there's no appetite, we've read that the Mayor has no appetite for providing that kind of tax increment financing for this project; couldn't we covenant for that?" District 8 Commissioner, Daniella Levine Cava.

"I am not in favor of creating some sort of TIF (tax increment financing) here or anything like that." District 13 Commissioner and Commission Chair, Esteban Bovo.

"I am very glad that [Commissioner Diaz] touched all the bases of not using taxpayer, county funds for this. For me the most important part is not using county taxpayer funds." District 6 Commissioner, Rebeca Sosa.

"There is one thing that I will definitely fight against... There's a big difference between county dollars and taxpayer dollars. If those things are included and we pay for it, it's taxpayer dollars and I will not support it." District 11 Commissioner, Joe Martinez.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez told reporters "they [the developer] can ask for whatever they want to ask for, but I have said very clearly, not only in public but also to them personally, that Miami-Dade County is not going to give any aid with public money for their project." Click here to see the interview.

To view the CDMP meeting in its entirety, please click here.

The South Florida Taxpayers Alliance was formed to represent the best interest of the entire community and Miami-Dade taxpayers. SFTA's goal is to ensure that the American Dream Miami project is developed responsibly and that it is not funded by government subsidies or by Miami-Dade taxpayers.